about eilo

Freelance Photographer

Eilo was born in 1964 and went to school in Luxembourg. She studied Law in Paris and joined a Luxembourg Law firm. Her passion for photography took a start in 1982 at a young age at the occasion of a trip to the Soviet Union.

Thereafter over the years extensive travelling, she did photo reports on India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, Oman, Mexico, Guatemala, French Guyana, Ecuador, USA, Canada, Laponia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Turkey, Iran, Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana, Rwanda, Svalbard, Hong Kong, New Zealand. During her trips she developed increased concerns about climate change and, as a consequence, also

started to support Friendship, a donations-funded NGO working to create lasting solutions to the challenges faced by the poor and marginalised communities in Bangladesh. Her interest in climate change related topics also strongly appear through her wildlife photography. She now retired from active legal practice to work as a freelance photographer.